Originating from a natural artistic flair, Mark Wilenkin focuses on an open communication with his clients, lending his talents and vast knowledge of the latest advances in data-centric workflows, and stream lining the color and data pipeline from inception through to the final deliverable product.

Some of Mark’s most notable and recent clients include: Apple, Microsoft, BMW, Coca-Cola, Marlboro, Local Hero Post, Paul A. Cameron, ASC, Roberto Schaefer, ASC AIC, Guillermo Navarro, ASC AMC, The Annenberg Space for Photography, (War/Photography, Helmut Newton and The Power of Photography).

Born in Paris, France, Mark was exposed to the visual beauty of the city that developed his love for art and where he began experimenting with color at a very early age.

Educated in the UK and Scotland, Mark began his professional career at RSA in London, where he worked as a runner for Black Dog Films, and segwayed into the editing process of post production.

After a brief stint at The Moving Picture Company, Mark became a freelance editor and consultant.

In 2001 his clients included BAE Systems, British Telecom, Cobham, London Underground and the World Wildlife Fund, Nyon, Switzerland, to whom he sold a mobile Media100 system and trained the staff on how to use it for mobile editing in the field.

In 2002, Mark set up his own commercial studio, Wilenkin Productions Ltd.  Notable clients included BBC Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi and Rough Trade Records.

In 2005, after the birth of his first child, Mark closed down his operation in London in order to focus his attention on DI workflows, with an emphasis on the RED digital cinema camera. He moved to France where he invested his time and resources in building a custom built mobile Scratch Finishing system that enabled him to work in Paris and London as a gun-for-hire, troubleshooting the complex color and data pipeline that still affects the industry today.

In early 2009 Mark secured the post of Scratch Finishing Colorist at Cinered, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Shortly after his arrival he was made the Senior Colorist for the Cinered Group, which held a post-production facility in Jakarta.  In his second year, his company re-branded the group and he was made Lead Senior Colorist and CTO of Cineray Asia, which had expanded its operation to Guangzhou, China.

In March 2012 Mark began working with Paul A. Cameron, ASC.  Their first collaboration together being a Citi200 campaign celebrating the 200 years of the bank’s history.  Mark introduced Paul to ‘advanced-dailies-color-grading-on-set’, and having colored all the rushes from the digital negative that Paul had shot around the world, Mark was asked to be the on-set colorist for the last week of production.

Paul and Mark shared their workflow at last year’s Cameraimage, Bydgoszcz, Poland and more recently on September 11th, Paul was featured as guest speaker at the ASC Breakfast Club. The interview will be posted at ASC Store: The American Society of Cinematographers.

Mark now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and 4 children, working on a wide array of high profile commercial campaigns and a continuing increasing number of feature films.

Mark is an active member of IATSE Local 600, working as a DIT and Final colorist.

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